Bringing HOPE to Feven


Feven walked into the office this week, a woman worn down by life. She had lost her job three months ago, and with it the support of her ex-husband, her home and her friends.

Eventually she found herself sleeping rough at Angel station.  After unsuccessful attempts to get help, Feven finally wound up at the HOPE offices. She was ready to accept even the dingiest, darkest, dirtiest  accommodation London had to offer, just as long as she was off  the streets.

Fortunately, HOPE worldwide could offer her a self contained, newly renovated studio! Relief and mild surprise washed over her face, things were finally changing, she could relax.

She went to see the studio the following day, and although small, it was new, clean and all hers.  Feven beamed, this time around Feven wants to focus on developing skills working with children or the elderly!

Smiling widely she said, ” A big thank you to those at HOPE Worldwide, they saved my life.  I’m going to pray for everyone at HOPE!” And with that she dozed in the waiting room, finally able to rest.


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