HOPE Youth Corps

HYC - HOPE Youth Corp

Do you know anyone who was involved in this years HOPE Youth Corps?

HOPE Youth Corps (HYC) was established in 1994 by HOPE worldwide and is a faith-based, service-learning program designed for young people aged between 15 and 25 years. Working with HOPE worldwide programs this year in Philadelphia , Dallas, Honolulu, Pittsburgh, Great Britain and the Bahamas.  HYC participants serve communities through various outreach efforts and community maintenance projects.

This week past on the streets of Birmingham, UK,  thirty seven volunteers involved in the HOPE Youth Corps, were shaking their buckets, using their musical talents to raise money for Home of HOPE in Chennai.

These  self-funded volunteers traveled from the US and Canada, Europe & Eurasia, with 15 of our very own home grown participants.

The two week itinerary in Birmingham involved, travelling from their host families to participate in a schedule from 9 a.m in the morning till 9.30 p.m. in the evening.

Besides street collections, the participants among other things:

  • Helped out in the assembly and school day of St.Matthew Church of England primary school, teaching self-esteem and consideration of others through role play, engaging with the children, giving personal presentations and promoting discussion.
  • Visited Care Homes.
  • Took time out to visit Warwick Castle.
  • Helped out lone parents with their gardening
  • Painted and helped to tidy up the grounds of Birmingham City Hospital

The host congregations of the, Midlands Churches of Christ, (MCOC), have greatly benefited from the inspiration of the HOPE Youth Corps.  In their worship service they had the chance to hear from the volunteers as they taught from the bible and shared what they are seeing God do in their part of the world.

Women’s Ministry Leader for the MCOC, Tammy Fleming, expressed her excitement and love for the HOPE Youth Corps, and wishes to see the programme return to the UK again next year.

Among the many benefits the  volunteers receive from their participation in HYC are lifelong friendships and memories, a heightened sense of purpose, greater self-confidence and independence, and a better understanding of the modern world.

What a truly life changing experience.  We would  love to hear more from you if you, or a loved one has participated this year.

If you are interested in having a different kind of Christmas this year, please take a look at the HYC Winter 2013: Christmas in India


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