ODAAT Challenge 2013

By Toby & ODAAT Graduate Colin

The 3 peaks challenge was a very special time. As in any situation when you are stuck together for several days on the trot with others, particularly when it involves some endurance, you really get to know your fellows – good and bad!

The venture is great: to take a team of recovering addicts/father and sons/supporters of the charity/ up the UK’s 3 tallest peaks. This is a significant and worthy physical challenge. To be part of it AND to be able to raise some money for the fantastic redemptive work of ODAAT is even better. And on top of that to be able to enjoy some SPECTACULAR scenery, the finest in the UK, is a real blessing. But none of those, important as they are, is the real joy of the challenge.

It is the camaraderie. Being in very close proximity, without interruption, to a gang of fellows, with a common and challenging purpose, is such a memorable experience. Every one of our gang brought their own particular ‘spice’ to the pot and the resulting concoction was just SUCH A LAUGH. Strain and pressure can bring stress, but they can also bring outrageous humour and the harder things got the more our gang responded with mirth.

One of the reasons the pressure was containable and able to result in humour, not meltdown, is the character of the Challenge’s organiser, ‘Jesus’ Joe Cronje. Joe’s gentle authority, his humble demeanour, his technical competence and his serene positivity in face of everything meant that everyone else in the party could ‘enjoy the ride’ while he absorbed the stress.

I would love to thank Joe for finally managing to get me on board and would wholeheartedly recommend the challenge to all.

Lv T

Testimony by ODAAT Graduate Colin

Since spending 6 months recovery treatment  with ODAAT I have been able to start re-building my life after 32 years in active addiction. I have reconnected with my two youngest sons whom I had not seen for fours & I’m now fortunate enough to volunteer at ODAAT I now help other guys who are looking for recovery themselves. The thought of doing the 3 peaks challenge a couple of years ago would of been unthinkable, but thanks to my faith in god I was to over  come any fears I had. At the bottom of Ben Nevis I said a prayer to God to guide me & give me the strength & courage for the task ahead. I made a conscious decision to leave my ego at the bottom of each mountain . With his help & that of my peers I was able to achieve the unthinkable & climb all 3 peaks in 3 days. The achievement was made extra special because I was able to do it alongside Toby whom I love dearly even though he gave the nickname Mountain goat Wallis thanks T. A special thanks goes out to Hope worldwide & Barry, My little flower, Michael, Archie, Robert & everybody who has been apart of my recovery . Last but not least a big thank you to Joe for his guidance & I will never  be able to put into words my gratitude for giving me back my life.

Love C

Godbless you all Amen

One response to “ODAAT Challenge 2013

  1. Beautiful, Just beautiful.
    Two humble, and amazing guys…….
    : )

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