“Onwards and Upwards!”

Terry had never had a home of his own, and lived with his dad until 1991, when his dad fell behind with the rent payments. Although he was technically made homeless this was not too much of a problem, as when Terry left school he found work in a garage immediately. He was able to stay with friends from time to time, pitching in with the bills and helping out as needed. He also stayed in private bed and breakfasts, paying his own way. In spite of the fact that he had worked and paid into the welfare system, he had never known what was available to him, or indeed felt the need to seek help to get accommodation, as he had always worked and paid cash for any places he had stayed.

He was comfortable in the position he was in. This went on until 2011 when he lost his job. The recession left him unable to find a job for the first time in his life and he now faced the challenge of rough sleeping, which was a situation he had never in a million years thought would happen to him. He now slept at friends houses and on the streets on and off. What Terry thought would just be a temporary phase until he found a new job was starting to become a seemingly unending situation. Terry’s friends would tell him to go and get the “help he was entitled to.” However Terry found it very difficult to ask for help the longer the situation went on. Eventually his friends persuaded him and he went along to his local housing authority. They were not able to help him as he was a “low priority” case, but they did refer him to HOPE Two Step. He didn’t know what to expect when he came for his assessment and was a bit unsure. When he arrived he relaxed and quickly felt more comfortable.

Terry was assessed and housed within two days of his arrival at the office as his case was so straightforward and his requirements so simple – a studio flat for himself “that is decent and safe”. He was helped to access funds to buy the basics in his flat – bedding, cutlery etc. as he had lost everything over the time of rough sleeping. Terry is extremely grateful for the assistance he has received from HOPE worldwide UK. He says getting his own place was “life changing!”. It has given him peace of mind to have a secure place and stability in his life. It’s exciting new territory for him to manage his own tenancy for the first time in his life, and he is looking for a job through the JobCentre with good prospects of getting employment soon. He feels comfortable and confident for the first time in a long time.

Terry is hugely grateful for the help and support he has received. He is now facing life with the words “onwards and upwards.”


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