Goode News about College Awards

I am so pleased and proud to tell you that last Wednesday 20 November, I picked up a Certificate for Outstanding Performance for Services to People, a College award to celebrate the success of outstanding students from City of Bristol College.

The ceremony was held at City Hall, were I received my certificate from Lynn Merilion CoBC Principle and Chief Executive and introduced to the stage by the Director of Foundation Skills and Progress, Head of South Bristol Skills Academy.

I have included what my tutor sent to the nominations panel;

I have known Austin for 2 years. He joined our full time level 2 diploma in Legal Studies 2 years ago as a student who had enormous potential, but who, even in his forties had not achieved this potential. His life had been complicated by an inability to stick to any continuous course of study, and he had not worked in any role for a long time. However, 2 years ago, this changed. He achieved his level 2 Diploma and has since successfully applied to the Chartered Inst of Legal Executives for permission to become a member of the Institute, notwithstanding his rather chequered past.

The CILEX panel were very impressed with his honesty and desire to change. He subsequently enrolled on the level 3 Cert in Law and Practice, stuck with the course and was one of the highest achievers  in the June 2013 exams e.g. 70% Practice of Family Law, 68% in Family Law. I am so proud of him and his achievements. He has started to believe in himself and in his abilities. He is a credit to himself and to our CILEX Law courses. I have high hopes for Austin who now has a realistic chance to work in the legal profession.

Also you should be please to know that this tutor has asked me to do some research for her with a long term view to teaching.

Austin was with us in 2009. He found the ODAAT regime difficult and had a real problem with authority(!) but was sincere in his desire to change…..and look at how he has turned things around! Further, as Austin has stayed in touch, he was a massive support for me recently when my son ran into problems down in Bristol, proving that help is a two way thing and that the ODAAT network is alive and kicking. Who dat? ODAAT!

Lv Toby

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