‘Thank you!’

Could I please take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all of the advice, assistance and time you afforded me during my recent period of personal housing crisis.

You may recall that I was referred to Hope World Wide through the No Second Night Out team. Despite the pressures of your colleague’s timetables I was invited to discuss my circumstances within a few days of original contact. Following my recent negative experiences with other charitable and statutory organizations I was admittedly cynical and far from optimistic about what could be achieved. How pleasantly and positively surprised I was to be!

From the first greeting I had from your colleague at Reception, the introductory session with Gavin Bristow and through to today, post-rehousing, I would to like to thank you all for the consideration and integrity with which I was dealt with. I am all too aware of the considerable case load that you all have to manage, and the concomitant diversity of personal circumstances, histories, needs and stresses you must navigate: (Not least as I’ve worked professionally with organizations similar in ethos and goal to Hope World Wide – and no, the irony isn’t exactly lost on me either!!) Nevertheless, I very much appreciate the fact that I was considered as an individual with issues unique to my own life, and treated with a non-judgemental dignity and respect. This was especially refreshing after the aforementioned derogatory experiences I had with some of the charities and public authorities I had the misfortunate to have to deal during my admittedly brief in comparison to others, period of difficulty.

I am admittedly fortunate in not having any particular support needs and I had a clear objective and plan with which to close the chapter on my housing issues. However without Hope World Wide I would not have had any realistic opportunity to find apposite housing, and without the latter of course, I could not have returned to work. I have nothing but praise for my experience with Hope World Wide.

If I can be of any assistance in terms of fundraising for example, I would be only too happy to help.

Regards and many, many thanks


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