The Kenya Project

The start date for the Kenya Project is one week away!

The project is running between the 19th and 23rd of February. There are now ten confirmed members of the team from the UK and two from the US. They will be joined by medical professionals and volunteers from HOPE Kenya, our partners in the project. The HOPE Kenya team have worked hard to ensure the success of the project and the safety of the international volunteers.

The medical team will travel to two Kenyan communities, Kitingela and Mukuru, and provide a five day medical clinic. They aim to meet specific local needs, focusing on diabetes, hypertension and cervical cancer screenings. Part of the legacy of the project will be to train HOPE workers in Kenya to keep the project sustainable, and we plan to send annual medical mission trips to support the clinic.

It is so important for The Kenya Project to provide this medical support because 44% of Kenyans who are unwell are unable to seek medical care due to costs.

As well as providing medical support The Kenya Project also aims to promote learning among the poorest communities. The focus will be on providing children with the best start possible. The project has been blessed with donations of many kinds, including six laptops and an abundance of classroom equipment. There are three teachers on the team, and they are eager to implement some specific ideas acquired in the UK to support children’s learning and development.

The team will also provide a business skills programme to help small business owners in these communities. For sustainability, training will be provided for local teachers to allow this work to continue.

Finally, the project will run a music programme with a goal to create a body of material that can be performed to uplift the spirits of all involved in the project.

To donate go to

All money raised will help to cover the costs for medicines and medical equipment, as well as pay for local staff who will be crucial in ensuring that they provide effective care.



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