The Kenya Project – Music Programme – Linda Evwierhoma

By Rebecca Budgett – HOPE worldwide UK Volunteer

Which aspect of the work in Kenya did you help with and what did this involve?

I was originally going to work with Amanda and Diane providing teaching support and CPD to the teachers in the Mukuru community, however as Tor would be on her own with the youth group running the music programme I supported her instead.

Why did you decide to get involved? 

I decided to get involved in the Kenya project because as a teacher I wanted to and still want to be able to use my skills and resources to help poorer communities.   I want to be able to send over basic teaching materials and exchange ideas with poorer schools so that they can continue to work towards providing education for poorer children. 

What were you most impacted by when you were there?

Whilst in Kenya, I was most impacted by the work of the HOPE team within the Mukuru slum community. The HOPE team are dedicated and doing so much to help sustain the community and they are having an amazing impact.  I was also impacted by the volunteers and one of the teachers in the slum school because of their dedication to the children and also the fact that a lot of the volunteers rely on supporting HOPE as a way of living and feeding their families.

What difference do you feel the team made to the lives of the Kenyans you met?

To be honest I feel that we were impacted rather than making a difference.  I do know that after the CPD (Continual Professional Development) session the teachers said that they found the session helpful and wanted more training, the youth music programme was a great opportunity to allow the young locals to use their talent to create music, I believe Tor left the music making equipment so that the youth can continue to use them.

Why would you encourage other people to volunteer with The Kenya Project in the future?

I would encourage others to get involved in the Kenya Project because HOPE Kenya are working really hard to fund all the projects and do need support, doing the Kenya Project is also a great opportunity to understand the heart of Jesus towards the poor.



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