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Job Advert for Zambia Country Director

Job Advert – Country Director – Hope Worldwide Zambia (HwwZ)

HwwZ is seeking a Country Director, to lead the charities activities in Zambia. The Country Director, will work alongside the current HwwZ staff to meet the organisation’s objectives. The Country Director reports into and works alongside the HwwZ board.


HwwZ is a faith-based organization working with under-privileged communities to improve their quality of life through innovative health, economic empowerment and environmental programmes for children, youths, parents and guardians. In addition to these programmes for the vulnerable, HwwZ operates two fee-paying social enterprise preschools in Lusaka.

Staffing consists of a management team of 4, alongside a Programme Coordinator, Grant Writer, IT support, and Programme Managers across four sites in Lusaka.  In total HwwZ employs 20 people and approximately 40 volunteers working on a stipend to assist with programme facilitation.

Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Key Aspects of the role include:

  • Provide spiritual leadership to the HwwZ charity, and the staff.
  • Develop and deliver a strategy for HwwZ, that builds upon its core capabilities in Women’s Economic Empowerment, early years’ education and caring for orphans and vulnerable children. At the same time, delivering activities that are strategic to the Zambian government and that are currently being actively funded.
  • Continue to develop revenue generating activities for the charity, with the objective of growing the financing of HwwZ and making it less dependent on external sources of funding. These shall be from involvement in local social enterprises; local or international grant funding; local fund raising activities.
  • Work alongside partner organisations in Zambia to deliver services, and where possible to expand the number of partners. These partners currently include local and district councils, Ministry of education, Ministry of Health, National Aids Council and other NGO’s working in the same space.
  • Promote and foster a good working relationship with the Lusaka Church. Promoting the activities of the HwwZ within the Church and where possible to increase the volunteer involvement of the Lusaka church within HwwZ.

The range of skills, knowledge & experience include:

  • Adhere to the core values of HwwZ, including honesty, openness, passion and excellence.
  • The successful candidate must be a practicing Christian.
  • Experience of managing small teams, of 10 to 20 people, able to recruit, retain, motivate and to develop the team;
  • Strategic leadership: the ability to identify and respond to opportunities for the organisation. These opportunities may include reaching more beneficiaries, increasing funding support, and building organisational capacity and resilience;
  • Passionate about making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children, women and their families.

    Salary: $1000 pcm. Future salary increases are dependent on the post-holder helping to secure further donor funding.
    Start Date: September 2018

If you wish to receive more information on the vacancy please e-mail info@hopeworldwide.org.uk

Closing date for Applications is Friday 13th July 2018


TVCOC’s Gift for the Poor Impacting Thousands of Lives

OVC Programmes

Since 2012, Thames Valley Church of Christ (TVCOC) has been dedicating its annual Gift for the Poor to the HOPE worldwide programmes in Africa.

HOPE worldwide is providing ongoing support to Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) in 8 countries across almost 40 communities (Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana & South Africa). Over the past 6 years, HOPE worldwide programmes have touched the lives of over 148,000 orphans and vulnerable children. During 2014-2016, they will reach 30,000 additional orphans and vulnerable children in Africa.

Gift for the Poor in 2012/2013

TVCOC have been specifically giving to projects in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia, setting a goal to raise $60,000 each year. In 2012 and 2013, this vision has been surpassed as TVCOC raised approximately $100,000 each year ($202,000 overall).

During 2013, with support from TVCOC, the OVC programs have reached 1080 Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Early Childhood Development (ECD) training was provided to 139 parents and caregivers benefitting 489 children in these countries. Women’s Empowerment Economic activities were also established for 60 female caregivers and community workers in Mozambique. Collectively, the African programs have already trained 743 women in business and vocational skills and now 1,125 women are running their own businesses. 1,240 women are now involved in Savings and Loans Clubs to support income generating activities.

Kids Club

Impact in 2014

With the money raised in 2013, HOPE worldwide aims to support over 1,650 Orphans and Vulnerable Children throughout 2014, with food, healthcare, counselling, child protection, education and prevention of HIV/AIDS. This giving will also go towards strengthening the HOPE worldwide leadership teams in these countries, as well as to explore 2 new country sites in Ghana and Liberia. HOPE worldwide aims to leverage an additional $200,000 using TVCOC’s funding from individual, organisational and corporate donors. TVCOC are now planning their 2014 Gift for the Poor.

Acts 10:4b: “Your prayers and gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before God.”

Kupasa Banja in Zambia – A new livelihood for Elida Mwanza

Elida Mwanza is a widow aged 63 years old looking after her seven grandchildren in Chawama. Prior to the entrepreneurship training and microloan provided by Kupasa Banja, Elida would make and sell door mats but would rarely make a profit.

Elida was advanced K500,000 (about £65) to start her business. Elida purchased 20 metres of cotton material for making tablecloths and now makes two sets of tablecloths a month which she sells at K150,000 per set. Out of the K300,000 sale she pays K100,000 towards settling the loan and pays rent for K100,000. The balance is used towards food for her family and other basic needs.

For the Mwanza family, the entrepreneurship training and microloan has made a real difference, enabling them to pay rent without a struggle, improving the family’s nutrition and also buying clothes for the children. Elida has also now purchased maize seed in order to plant and grow maize at a small field she is renting in order for them to have maize for food next year.

If you are touched by this and would like to support the work of Kupasa Banja and help others like Elida, please click and complete the Kupasa Banja Standing Order Form.

Kupasa Banja Microloan

Kupasa Banja in Zambia – From impoverished orphan to academic scholar…

Field Simotowe - ZambiaThrough Kupasa Banja, Field Simotowe has finished school, achieved excellent grades and now has a place at the esteemed University of Zambia. Read on to hear his story…

 Field Simotowe (KBF037) was initially supported through HOPE worldwide – Zambia via the USAID funded ANCHOR program (Africa Network for Children Orphaned and at Risk) in 2006 at the age of 13. After the withdrawal of support through this programme in 2008, Kupasa Banja stepped in to provide support to Field’s family.

Field is an inspiring young man whose story is very moving. As a double orphan, both his parents died in 2000 due to long illness. As the youngest of five children, Field was left in the care of his elder brother, along with his sister Mazili. Sadly his older brother also died a short while later. Despite facing so much loss and poverty, Field has been a local champion, representing children in the local community through having an active role in the Children’s Council for the HOPE Kids Clubs ran across local impoverished communities. He and his sister grew vegetables at the HOPE vegetable garden to provide food for themselves and their elderly grandmother.

Through Kupasa Banja, Field and Mazili have been provided nutritional and educational support. With his stomach satisfied and his school fees paid, Field applied himself to his studies and achieved excellent results. Because of his outstanding performance Kupasa Banja supported Field to move from his local community school to attend a higher quality school with a strong reputation for achievement. Completing his grade twelve with flying colours, Field has gained himself entrance into the University of Zambia where he hopes to study Law or Engineering.

In gratitude for his success and the help he has received, Field has continued  to inspire other children supported by Kupasa Banja, encouraging them in their studies and tutoring them where he can. The HOPE worldwide – Zambia team are now seeking funding to support Field’s University studies and are prayerfully seeking bursary funding from the Government. We look forward to seeing Field’s continued success and are proud of the way his life has been changed through the work of Kupasa Banja!

If you would like to support the work of Kupasa Banja and help others like Field, please click and complete the Kupasa Banja Standing Order Form.